Uses for Washi Tape

Uses for Washi Tape

Sometimes, you may come across a product that you love but not sure what to do with it. I found that with washi tape, so I thought I'd put together some different ways that I've used washi!

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The most popular option for washi is for journalling or scrapbooking. I did a scrapbook for a WDW trip, and decided to include some decorative elements using my washi tape. I did actually stick the photos down with some double sided tape, but washi tape will also hold photos in place and using washi makes it easier to move/change up the layout as it comes off most surfaces really easily - it sometimes can rip paper, but if you go slowly and carefully, you should be fine!

Cats washi tape, £3.25; Cats Print, from £3

Sticking photos/pictures up

Whether you're sticking them to a noteboard, a wall (washi tape is generally fine on painted walls, but do be cautious!) or a fridge, washi tape is great for adding photos, drawings and mini prints to brighten up the room! Great for temporary art or notes.

Self Care Washi, £3.25; Self Care Wrapping Paper, £2.50


I very rarely use sellotape these days, opting to use washi tape - it's made from rice paper, so it's eco-friendly! - to seal up gifts, especially when it matches like this. You can even use washi to make some matching tags on some spare card!

Floral Washi Tape, £3.25

Decorative elements

If you love adding stickers to surfaces, washi tape is also great for brightening up some plain storage! I added some washi to some clear drawers that I use to store glassine bags and stickers.

DIY mini box

I made a little box to hold my product sticker labels, made from some spare bits of greyboard and brown parcel tape (so professional...), and then I used some washi tape all around the outside to make it look a bit prettier sitting on my desk!

Gradient washi tape, £3.25

Sticking down envelopes

If you're like me, I hate licking envelopes to seal them 🥴 so adding stickers or washi tape in place is a great alternative, and leaves no weird taste in your mouth!

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