Updated Office Tour

Updated Office Tour

So I've recently done a couple of updates to my office - nothing major, it's been pretty much the same since I figured out the current layout back in 2021, but I was badly needing a standing desk. Getting up and down from my chair constantly or bending down when I couldn't be bothered to do so was just getting frustrating, so after much thinking of how to reconfigure my office, without wanting to spend a fortune, I ended up just swapping over where my desk space and packing space were (the whole length is made up of two desktops), and using some trestle legs from Ikea, raised the desk on the right and voila, a standing packing desk!

I did a little video for the socials, so have a look below:


I also obviously took photos. I'm a photo person at heart, video content I don't think I'll ever have the same affinity for!

Some essentials

There are some products that I think are essential, for me at least. And whilst some products can seem pricey initially, I've realised that items like my paper trimmer and creaser, which are not cheap items, have been so worth the investment, as over 4 years later, they're still going strong, with no problems and make life that little bit easier!

I'll list some of the items below I have that I often get asked about.

Just a note, that pretty much all furniture is from Ikea, including desktops, cupboard and drawers! Oh, and all the photo frames, of course.

Standing Desk legs - Mittback Trestle legs, Ikea

Paper Trimmer - Dahle 556 A1 trimmer

Creaser - Magnum MCR35 Manual Creasing Machine

I also finally got a tape dispenser recently (just a random one from Amazon), and I honestly don't know why I didn't get one sooner.

Handy Tips & Storage

I use a silly amount of pink plastic tubs to store my stock in (usually get them from places like Dunelm, The Range and B&M) and a few months ago, suddenly got the idea to actually add some washi tape to the front of the tub so I can see what was inside each (they're on a slightly higher shelf), but also to stagger them on top of each other. Been such a game changer, and don't know why I didn't think of it before, when I've seen people do this with enamel pin and sticker stoarage!

These drawers from Ikea are perfect for storing my A2 sized wrapping paper. Although I don't send the paper out flat, it takes up way too much room to fold them all beforehand, so this is how I store the paper until they're to be packed.

More tips!

  • Use a letter tray to store things like papers and sticker sheets
  • The drawers under my packing desk hold the more bulkier things needed to pack orders - paper filler and bubble wrap are now so much easier to grab when packing!
  • I use clear plastic drawers (can find in bargain shops or in Amazon) on my desktop to hold things like stickers, glassine bags and stamps so that I can easily see what I need, instead of having to keep opening drawers - I am averse to having labels everywhere as it personally is too much for me, so these cover that problem!
  • Have a recycling bin! I fill mine up so quickly, so I have quite a tall one underneath my desk I can quickly chuck things in

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