New Studio!

Have a look at my new office!

New Studio!

So we recently moved house and I've finally got the studio I've wanted for years - no more having business stuff all over the house!

Four days after starting, and it’s all done! I have no doubt I’ll be moving things around and changing a few things up, but I can’t get over the space I now have, and having everything in one room instead of spread throughout the house - in our last house, my heat press and sublimation printer was downstairs in the dining area, which meant we didn’t have a dining table for years, so having them right there, and being able to sit at the dining table again (not that we currently have one), is just so good. I also had a cupboard of stock in the living room too...

So here's a little look at my desk space and all the cupboard space I now have!

I have a blind on order, but otherwise, I’ve only spent about £40 (needed another trestle leg for the standing desk) as everything else I had already or repurposed - the computer desk is actually our old dining table! The extra cupboard was being used downstairs, but as my husband has a garage now, all his bike stuff can go in there, so an extra cupboard for me 😉

Glad I didn’t paint now, as it’s been a knackering two weeks with moving house, and the fact that it took me almost four days to get this done, I’ll leave the painting for another time, although excited to do that as it’ll be all pink 🩷

I will at some point do a bit more of a detailed studio tour, so look out for that!