How to support small businesses for free

How to support small businesses for free

Times are a little tough for a lot of people at the moment, and so if you don't have the funds to support business by ordering from them, there are other ways to show your support which will also hopefully bring in new customers that might be able to order!


Whatever social media app is your preference, whether it be Instagram or TikTok or even that bird app, share a favourite post or video to your story. You never know, someone who follows you might not have seen or heard of that small business before, and will go on to purchase something. So, something you have done for free has potentially made some pennies!

Like & comment

Liking and commenting on posts are a great way to support a business, and the more people that do this, the more the post is going to be seen by other people, whether it's existing followers or new people!


If you've made a purchase before, leave a review! Or if the business doesn't have a place to leave a review, sent a message or e-mail. I can tell you now that positive reviews and messages are so very much appreciated and will really brighten someones day!


A bit like sharing, recommending a business to someone in a less public/online way is great as well. Before the internet, a lot of businesses relied on word of mouth and it's still a great way to get new customers, especially for service based businesses! So make sure to tell your family and friends about that amazing product you bought, or the great service your received.

Post photos of past orders

Like with a review, if you've purchased from a small business in the past that you love, share a photo to your story of what you've received! Or maybe you bought a print, you can post a photo of your living room with said print, tagging the business!

Sign up/subscribe

Sign up to a newsletter (where you may get freebies of exclusive discount for future orders 😉), or subscribe to a free blog (like this one!). It might not seem much, but the more people that sign up or subscribe, means there's more eyes on products, and you might just get an e-mail one day in the future and be like "thats just what i needed!". Also signing up to newlsetters is great even if for just keeping up too dat with your favourite businesses - social media algorithms just cannot be relied on these days!