Design Tips - Using Fonts

Design Tips - Using Fonts

Whether you're designing a website, content for social media or even creating your own products, here are some handy tips to make sure that your designs are as legible as possible!

Make sure to use contrast

I saw a post on Instagram recently where it was white text on a pale pink background. I just automatically scrolled past it because it was unreadable to me. So it's so important to use contrast, especially when it comes to text. If you really want to use a pale pink background, go for black/dark grey text, or a burgundy, it will be so much more readable. Or if you want to use white text, make the background darker, so that it is readable.

Don't use script/display font for body copy

Script & display fonts are great for headers, short sentences in graphics and the like. But for body copy, it's likely to make it really hard to read, and like with the lack of contrast, people will skip right past. So keep the lovely fancy fonts to a header, and use a sans or serif fonts for text longer than a few words - and make sure to make the text large enough and preferably not use a thin/light weight of the font!

White on pure black? Nope!

White text on black isn't great for your eyes - too much contrast this time! So try making the background a dark grey, or if you really want a black background, make the text a light grey instead of white.

No Caps or huge letter spacing in block text

Having a block of text all in caps or/and with letter spacing makes it very unreadable, just look at the example above! Unless you like being shouted, it's definitely not a very friendly way to communicate, so make sure to keep the letter spacing to a minimum and keep all caps for headlines/singular words as opposed to body copy.

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